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bullet soliday
22 Sep : 05:17AM
I have a fairly good set of 1978 doors that are available. Painted poorly, but solid.
bullet Merkman
04 Sep : 04:33PM
Let me know.
bullet Merkman
04 Sep : 04:32PM
I have a full set of double cab gates with latches
bullet shaun
25 Aug : 11:48AM
bullet bumblebee
23 Jul : 05:05PM
bullet shaun
02 Jul : 08:44PM
bullet r_jtimmons
30 Jun : 08:22PM
Just starting to restore a 1963 VW double cab pickup and need the 3 drop gates for the bed. If you can help please e-mail. Thanks for everyone help in the past and the future
bullet hippieman88
19 Jun : 08:39AM
Hey everyone. I have a 97 lifted jeep wrangler for trade that has 14,000 invested in it. Been looking to get back into a westy since I sold my 76 reluctantly. Anyone interested pm me. I'll send pictures and all the details if interested. Thanks everyone!
bullet Bronge
04 May : 08:28PM
Westy, SUBARU ENGINE, AUTOMATIC transmission for sale. 1984, very good interior, exterior, and mechanical condition. We've had so much fun, and I'm not crawling back out of the rabbit hole, but I'm working on a bigger camper. Get in touch or Charlotte CL for more details. Asking $19500 obo.
bullet cenres
24 Apr : 01:57PM
I have 2 "Westys", same year, same color scheme, 1 full camper and a weekender.
I am selling the weekender for $6000

or use as downpayment on a VWsynchro-camper (4x4).

I originally bought the weekender for parts for my camper, but then it kept running so well after i gave it new cylinder heads, new steering fluid pump, shocks.....

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insurance again
Moderators: TN Jed, docric, sweetbus, Tom and Phaedra, Collie
Author Post
Tue Jun 20 2017, 09:23AM

Registered Member #8
Joined: Sun Aug 08 2010, 02:39PM
Location: Roan Mountain, tn
Posts: 518

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Just got my bill from Hagerty. 450 for one year. 20,000 coverage.

Sounds like a lot to me. Any input?


Where's Teddy?
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Steve & Laura
Tue Jun 20 2017, 11:50AM

Registered Member #1761
Joined: Sun Jun 23 2013, 12:40PM
Location: NC
Posts: 12

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we're at $253 for 12k coverage with Hagerty
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Fri Jun 23 2017, 08:56PM

Registered Member #97
Joined: Wed Aug 11 2010, 10:50AM
Location: Virginia Beach
Posts: 2958

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Both sound pretty good. In VA if you dont have insurance thru a carrier ya gotta pay the state 400

Had too many vans to count
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Fri Jun 23 2017, 10:26PM

Registered Member #278
Joined: Fri Aug 20 2010, 05:58AM
Location: colmar, pa.
Posts: 694

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had we had hagerty, we would have gotten what we paid for the '02 as opposed to the "fair market" value we got

past busses:
'73, '85, '93, '93, & '02

"all it takes is a few cuts on the Humor to make the rest seem like the ravings of a dangerous lunatic."
- H.S.T. - June '71
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Mon Jun 26 2017, 10:42AM
International Locksmith of Mystery

Registered Member #1
Joined: Sun Aug 08 2010, 02:27PM
Location: North Charleston, South Carolina
Posts: 2198

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I pay $650 for my 65 through American Collectors. $90,000 coverage

They don't have as many restrictions as Hagerty.
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Sun Jul 16 2017, 08:04PM

Registered Member #90
Joined: Wed Aug 11 2010, 09:39AM
Location: Bristol, TN
Posts: 492

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Steve & Laura wrote ...

we're at $253 for 12k coverage with Hagerty

Is that 12k total, or is there coverage for any vehicle that you might hit? If not, I'd have to purchase a liability policy as well. It would be very easy to run thru 12 g's fixing someone elses car or paying a couple of medical bills.
We pay $290 a year just for liability. But that covers up to 150k vehicle damage and medical bills. BTW, I have a 17 yo driver on the policy.

1977 Westfalia P27

you can't spell Volkswagen without SWAG
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Steve & Laura
Mon Jul 17 2017, 01:55PM

Registered Member #1761
Joined: Sun Jun 23 2013, 12:40PM
Location: NC
Posts: 12

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$12k coverage on OUR Bus
LIABILITY Coverage Part - Limits are...
A: Bodily Injury: $250,000 Per Person / $500,000 Per Accident
A: Property Damage: $100,000 Per Accident
B: Medical Payments: $1,000 Per Person Per Accident
C2: Combined Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage: $250,000 Per Person / $500,000 Per Accident
C1: Uninsured Motorist Property Damage: $100,000 Per Accident
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Fri Aug 11 2017, 04:55PM
International Locksmith of Mystery

Registered Member #1
Joined: Sun Aug 08 2010, 02:27PM
Location: North Charleston, South Carolina
Posts: 2198

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and this is where it matters. USAA wants to total my 79 adventurewagen for the nose damage sustained on the way to hcbf. The nose panel and the grill need to be replaced.

They offered $8000. I said. NO
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Big Timmy
Fri Aug 25 2017, 06:35PM

Registered Member #3283
Joined: Sun Jul 26 2015, 01:19PM
Location: North Wilkesboro North Carolina
Posts: 21

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I just quoted a $5000 plan for my 82 vanagon with hagerty. It has a 500 deductible on comp and collision. It has liability also, but unsure of the coverage amounts. $188 per year. I'm not quite ready for that step yet, but I wanted to get a little insight in the matter.

1982 vanagon GL Jezebel

Automotive restoration, electrical, chassis, and sheetmetal repair
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