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dual vs. single carb....thoughts?
Moderators: TN Jed, Lickity Split, docric, sweetbus, Tom and Phaedra, Collie
Author Post
Sat Feb 11 2017, 09:13AM
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Joined: Mon Feb 03 2014, 11:15AM
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My 77 bus has the engine apart right now, fixing to build it back up. Obviously, orginaly a fuel injected. Was converted in Europe to a non standard (to me, hard to get parts for) dual carb Weber. The carbs look pretty well buggered, so we are looking at replacing the whole set up.

My question: I am considering a single carb set up vs. the dual, my thoughts being that me not being a carb guru will have better luck maintaing a single carb vs. dual set up.

Thought's on power, reliability etc. Things I havnt considered that I should?



Richard Gann
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Sat Feb 11 2017, 03:36PM

Registered Member #384
Joined: Mon Sep 06 2010, 12:47PM
Location: lillington nc
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Fix the fuel injection properly or go single carb. B.

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1969 westy- Lamont
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Sat Feb 11 2017, 06:05PM

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Joined: Wed Aug 11 2010, 10:50AM
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single carbs are simple and work fairly well if all else is well. BUT you will not see great fuel economy . The intake tubes get cold and the fuel condenses some. This contributes to lag when accelerating. There are some clever ways to keep the intakes warm.

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Sun Feb 12 2017, 08:24AM

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Joined: Fri Aug 20 2010, 05:58AM
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add in the fact that air cooled f.i. systems are harder to control than water cooled f.i. systems because the head temperatures in air cooled engines run hotter and excessive hydro-carbon emissions were the enemy at the time. fred is right though, my '73 had a weber progressive that would carburetor ice until I figured out how to use warm air from the cooling system to keep the carburetor at a sedate 80 degrees not matter how cold it was.

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'73, '85, '93, '93, & '02

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Sun Feb 12 2017, 01:30PM
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Joined: Wed Aug 11 2010, 07:02AM
Location: salem va
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that single progressive weber is the poor boys fix, it never works great but just well enough, dual weber 34 ict work great later md

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Wed Feb 15 2017, 09:18PM

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Joined: Wed Aug 11 2010, 06:37PM
Location: Beaufort South Carolina
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Mark weighed in, had to look. Yeah, agreed. If you know what you are doing you can get a single progressive to work, but usually if you are using a single progressive, you don't know what you are doing. Maybe some of you don't think that's funny, but I know Mark does.

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Wed Feb 15 2017, 09:33PM

Registered Member #278
Joined: Fri Aug 20 2010, 05:58AM
Location: colmar, pa.
Posts: 673

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I get it, I inherited that from p.o., I put 29,000 on it before I gave the motor to a friend for his bus. as I said, once I figured out the carburetor heat stove, ended the carburetor icing and installed pcv valve in the manifold plenum, it was fine. the rusted out rear frame was another story, but since then I have learned to weld.

past busses:
'73, '85, '93, '93, & '02

"all it takes is a few cuts on the Humor to make the rest seem like the ravings of a dangerous lunatic."
- H.S.T. - June '71
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