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bullet cenres
24 Apr : 01:57PM
I have 2 "Westys", same year, same color scheme, 1 full camper and a weekender.
I am selling the weekender for $6000

or use as downpayment on a VWsynchro-camper (4x4).

I originally bought the weekender for parts for my camper, but then it kept running so well after i gave it new cylinder heads, new steering fluid pump, shocks.....
bullet Elmer
10 Apr : 08:05AM
Vanagon engine, 1.9, wasserboxer for sale with components, AC comp, PS Pump, Electrical, Alternator, starter, all pulled from my 1984 Westy
bullet Bronge
04 Mar : 10:44AM
Ok. I'm always behind the ball. Nothing available at Paddy's wagon. Do they tolerate doubling up on sites? If so, anyone willing to double?
bullet bumblebee
22 Jan : 11:43AM
bullet Fred
24 Dec : 07:05PM
2017 FMBC Calendars. Less than 10 left. $15 plus postage
bullet shaun
24 Dec : 05:54PM
Merry Christmas to all of my moonies...
bullet bear
20 Dec : 10:07PM
lucybaity is a advertising troll, please remove her.
bullet 73bay
18 Dec : 02:51PM
I'm right here yo!
bullet shaun
17 Dec : 08:16AM
Reggie where you at man
bullet shaun
17 Dec : 08:16AM
Shaun 12-17-16 was here

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bus auto trans
Moderators: TN Jed, Lickity Split, docric, sweetbus, Tom and Phaedra, Collie
Author Post
Fri Dec 09 2011, 05:56PM

Registered Member #125
Joined: Wed Aug 11 2010, 06:48PM
Location: Tallahassee Florida
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Trying to get this cleared up......There were 2 kinds of auto trans used in from 73-75 and the other from76-?(used on the rabbit too) I think the earlier one is the 003.....later one 010?
My ? is does the oo3 use an atf filter? is it the same as the 010 one? The only one I can find is the later one at busdepot and other sites.
Also is the atf filter serviceable without tearing open the trans.
I have the lower pan gasket I plan to replace and want to do what I can with it in the bus.
the bentley us confusing and is incomplete to help with this

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Fri Dec 09 2011, 06:28PM

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Joined: Tue Aug 10 2010, 11:10PM
Location: Easley, SC 29642
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The bus 03 transmission had more clutch parts in it than the light cars. the filter is the small round mesh screen(same as the 010, and I believe it has a cork gasket, and must be torqued down to a light number(6 foot pounds rings a bell) that has escaped me for the time being (at any rate you will need a inch pound torque wrench), used to work on them all the time, years ago. A very good automatic.

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Sat Dec 10 2011, 05:09AM

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Joined: Wed Aug 11 2010, 06:37PM
Location: Beaufort South Carolina
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If the filter doesn't fit you can at least wash out the trans pan, and put a rare earth magnet out of a computer hard drive in it, also with an older trans I use type f instead of dex/merc, has a heavier petroleum base and will give you firmer shifts and less slippage. Sort of like using 20-50 in your motor. Also check your vac line running to the modulator on the front left corner of the bottom flange where the pan bolts up.

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